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Animated Explainer Videos

Reach More Customers with Engaging and Educational Animated Videos

Animated explainer videos are a great option for communicating the solution that your product or service provides. In addition, they allow you to outline the potential problems that your target audience may be facing. These engaging and educational videos are popular online and are effective in telling your story with a simple and entertaining format. In addition, videos can include professional voice-overs and royalty-free music as well as custom animations and graphics.

Read more about these types of creative and informative videos at https://www.buzzadelic.com/4-ways-to-make-better-explainer-videos/

Below are a few of our favorite client animated explainer videos.


RAYWA needed a video to educate others about young women with Autism. Their mission was to Raise Awareness about Young Women with Autism. Therefore, they used an animated explainer video that features custom graphics, professional voice-over and royalty-free music.

The Simplified Online Ordering Platform chose Buzzadelic to produce their customer animated video, in addition to their restaurant animated videos to explain how the concept works.

Many explainer videos outline the benefits of a product or service. However, In the case of Expositoria, animation is used to explain how the product is used. 



Clinical Gestalt needed to communicate potentially complicated material in a simple way. Therefore, Buzzadelic created this animated video that explains the concept in a way that users could understand the features and benefits of the platform.




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