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Client Case Studies

Tactical Rehabilitation: Creating Content to Help Individuals on Their Healing Journey 

Buzzadelic excels in producing vertical format videos for Tactical Rehabilitation. By creating reels, shorts, and stories, Buzzadelic offers a unique avenue for therapeutic progress. Through precise editing and creative storytelling, these videos become tools for individuals on their healing journey. The vertical format maximizes engagement, catering to modern viewing habits and optimizing the therapeutic experience. Buzzadelic’s dedication to crafting meaningful content empowers Tactical Rehabilitation by merging innovative video techniques with healing objectives, resulting in an effective mode of therapeutic support.

Uneak Product Photography for E-commerce 

Uneak, a prominent seller on Amazon, specializes in offering a diverse range of high-quality aquarium products that prioritize the well-being of aquatic life. Their commitment to creating fish tank-safe items sets them apart, ensuring that their products do not deteriorate over time and pose no harm to the fish inhabiting the tanks. Collaborating seamlessly with Buzzadelic, a renowned media production company, Uneak embarked on an innovative venture to showcase their exceptional products. Buzzadelic’s expertise came to the forefront as they skillfully captured captivating 360-degree footage of Uneak’s aquarium products, enabling customers to explore every angle and detail virtually. Together, Uneak and Buzzadelic have redefined the online shopping experience for aquarium enthusiasts by combining top-tier products with cutting-edge visual storytelling.

Building Hope Community Life Center: Engaging Campers with Artificial Intelligence

Building Hope is a local non-profit that holds a summer camp each year to help students learn and experience opportunities in the city as well outside. Buzzadelic was tasked with creating a one-day camp to engage the students and teach them a skill used in our digital marketing agency. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming more popular, and we allowed the campers to learn about it and create their own videos implementing AI. Twenty AI-based videos were made in four hours using the creativity of the students and the video production skills of the Buzzadelic staff and other professionals. Read more about what the press had to say: WNCT, WITN, & The Daily Reflector.

CMI Plastics: Connecting with Manufacturers via Digital Marketing and Advertising

CMI Plastics, located in Ayden, NC, manufactures packaging solutions for various industries including automotive, medical, and consumer goods. They specialize in custom plastic thermoforming and packaging design. Buzzadelic works with CMI plastics to connect with manufacturers through digital advertising, web development, and product photography

Grady-White Boats: Award-winning Collaboration and Content Creation

From a variation of a classic poem, Buzzadelic created a 3-D animated video utilizing customer photos previously shared in the ongoing #GradyLife hashtag campaign. Buzzadelic built on the work of Adams & Longino that had adapted the well-known “The Night Before Christmas” poem into “A Grady-White Christmas” years earlier. In terms of engagement, the reach was over 52% of the total page fan base at the time. The number of shares was a new record for Grady-White Boats on a single post and reflects the quality of the content which resonated with the audience. The brand measures top single post engagement and overall engagement on a weekly basis as one of their objectives for social media marketing. The campaign received the marine industry’s highest marketing and creative honor, the Neptune Award, in the category of “Social Media Campaign” from the Marine Marketers of America (MMA) in 2017. Read more.

Video Production Greenville NC
Tim Ottinger Music: The American Pledge

Two weeks after 9/11, Tim Ottinger wrote The American Pledge when one of his first-grade students asked him “Why do we stand for the pledge of allegiance?” 14 years later, Tim released a 4-song EP along with a video to promote the album. Campaign elements included social media marketing, YouTube advertising, video production and website development.

Booze Dogs: A Dog, in a Bar

When Booze Dogs was ready to launch their line of liquor infused bratwurst, Buzzadelic engineered a strategy designed to optimize the budget of the Greenville, NC, startup. This included an ecommerce solution, targeted page like ads on Facebook, blogger outreach, and production of a brand video featuring Mr. Hughes, the brand mascot. Subsequently, Booze Dogs was awarded the bronze prize in the 2018 FedEx Small Business Grant Contest out of over 7,800 other entries.

GooseWaddle: Effective Influencer Outreach

When GooseWaddle needed to promote its new line of luxury baby blankets, Buzzadelic planned and managed a comprehensive blogger outreach program designed to impact search engine results for keywords related to the brand. The project included identifying over 100 bloggers, coordinating product shipments, then interacting with, and promoting the dozens of positive reviews within social networks which contributed to SEO objectives. Separately, a celebrity outreach campaign helped to elevate the brand profile with several placements with well-known celebrities.

EC Leasing – Reaching Renters

Buzzadelic has partnered with EC Leasing to help create a comprehensive web development and SEO strategy that will help them reach more East Carolina University students looking to rent a home on the “Grid”. They believe college students deserve a rental experience that honors and serves them. All of their homes are pet friendly and just a walk away from ECU campus.

Rally for Ally: Fundraising for a Cure

Rally for Ally is rallying the world to fund research for pediatric brain cancer, relying on God’s grace to give the Hope of a Cure to children and those that love them. Their annual campaigns include print promotions, social media, and video production with the objectives of raising awareness, increasing event participation and driving donations. Learn more about this great organization at rallyforally.org.

Building Hope Community Life Center: Innovation in Storytelling

Buzzadelic’s deep roots in the community include partnering with more than a dozen non-profits including a local community center, which serves at-risk youth in Pitt County, NC. Each year Buzzadelic has supported the online needs of the organization with social media campaigns and video production as well as a summer film camp. Buzzadelic has now produced two short films with Building Hope, the first of which was an Official Selection in six film festivals with four nominations in the short film category. These projects help the organization tell their story and provide compelling content each year for their annual fundraising event.

Fanouflage: Belk Bowl Campaign

In 2015, Buzzadelic provided startup Fanouflage with social media campaign elements including contests, giveaways, live event support and a jumbotron video as part of a successful brand launch at the Belk Bowl in Charlotte, NC.

SOOP: Animated Videos

Animated explainer videos are a great way to communicate the benefits of a product or service. The folks at SOOP (Simplified Online Ordering Platform) have created an innovative way for customers to order delivery or take-out from their favorite restaurants. Videos for end-users and restaurants were created along with a website to drive awareness and educate the benefits of the service to potentials users.


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