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If you’ve looked up any companies on the internet in the last several years, chances are that you’ve seen more than a few animated videos with a voice-over explaining how a product or service works, and why you need it. These explainer videos can be a great way to quickly capture the interest of potential customers and give them a brief education on what you do as a company. You may have also noticed that these videos can come in a many different forms as well as varying levels of quality. At Buzzadelic we recently had the chance to produce an explainer video for one of our newest clients, Expositoria, and we learned a lot about what makes a good explainer video. So here are our four ways to any explainer video better:

Idea #1: It’s All About the Script

An explainer video needs to do just that: explain your product or service. Yes the visuals are extremely important, and we’ll get to that later, but shiny visuals can be confusing or not get across your full point if not paired with a solid script that brings your value to the forefront.

Idea #2: Be Concise

You may have a lot of really great services, your product may have tons of super neat features that you want to share every detail of with your potential customers, but it is incredibly important to cut anything that is not absolutely necessary to your basic brand messaging out of your script. The idea of an explainer video is to get your message across as quickly as possible. As soon as you start to get overly technical or detailed in your video you risk either confusing your audience, or simply losing their interest.

Idea #3: Hire an Awesome Voice-Over Artist

Once you have a script finalized, you need to find the right voice for your video. The voice you pick is very important. In fact, in film it is often said that “sound is half of the picture”, meaning that the quality of your sound is just as important as your visuals in captivating your audience. When you start looking for your voice-over artist, make sure you think about your messaging. What sort of product are you selling? Who is your target market? Answering those questions will help you decide what kind of voice will best fit with your video.

Idea #4: Make it Beautiful

The final part of making an explainer video is creating the animation to really drive home the points made in your voice-over. With explainer videos, it is best to shy away from the usage of extremely abstract imagery. This video is all about helping people understand your product and service, so keep your visuals simple and clean. In our work on the example video for Expositoria we chose to keep a very simple visual style, using just a few colors on primarily white backgrounds. This makes it easy for your audience to learn about you. Remember: you want to explain, not confuse.

So there you are, four ideas to implement next time you are going to have an explainer video made for your company or service. If you are interested in learning more about our services, check out our video production page, or contact us.