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In 2015 Buzzadelic had the opportunity to help launch an amazing new line of apparel that is changing the face of collegiate wear. The idea for Fanouflage (fan+camouflage=Fanouflage) was birthed by one of our clients many months ago as a new and unique way for passionate fans to support their favorite team. The concept also provides schools the opportunity to leverage the increasing demand for camouflage designs through the thoughtful integration of logos and brand elements.

Bringing an idea to market takes many steps but here’s five of the ways Buzzadelic helped build and launch the Fanouflage brand:

1. It all starts with design

Once the idea of Fanouflage was born, the next step was bringing the designs to life. Our incredible in-house designers were able incorporate school logos into camouflage designs that could be printed onto the material used to manufacture apparel such as shirts and hats.


2. Web Development

What’s a product if you don’t have a platform to sell it? Standing out in the marketplace requires a beautiful, functional and mobile-friendly website. The new Fanouflage website features a clean and simple layout that allows the product to stand out and communicate the creative school designs. A comprehensive e-commerce solution allows customers to place orders online.

3. Product Photography

Outstanding photography is critical for the online customer who may never actually get to see and hold a product. Capturing high-quality imagery is a must for effectively turning site visits into product transactions. For this step, Buzzadelic used a combination of models and digital mockups for the new Fanouflage e-commerce site.

4. Social Media Management

No longer an optional form of marketing for new brands, social media has proven itself to be a great way to drive brand awareness. Buzzadelic manages multiple channels and targeted digital advertising campaigns for Fanouflage. Specific goals, objectives, and results are monitored and measured each month.


5. Beyond Digital

The 2015 Belk Bowl game in Charlotte, NC provided a unique opportunity to bring two Fanouflage schools (NC State and Mississippi State) together. Buzzadelic took part in developing branding elements for a booth outside the stadium and producing a commercial to be shown during the game. This allowed Fanouflage to be introduced to thousands of fans on both sides of the field.


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