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Are you ready to captivate your audience in 6 seconds? Vine has provided the platform and now it’s up to you to communicate your personal or brand message with the latest popular digital medium. In our last article, Using Vine as a Storytelling Tool for Brands, we interviewed Hunter Harrison of Parabox Creative, a communications company specializing in creating custom brand content for Vine. He joins me again here to provide some tips for captivating your audience on Vine.

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  1. What are some mistakes to avoid for beginners? One of the biggest mistakes is trying to fit too much into 6 seconds. Don’t attempt to over-communicate. Use the time wisely, and consider what doesn’t have to be in the video. Trim away anything that isn’t completely necessary and focus on the message you want to convey. Less is more as they say.
  2. Are storyboards necessary when creating vines? Storyboards are very important when trying to asses the timing of your production. Obviously, 6 seconds doesn’t give you a ton of time to work with…so the boards help lay the framework for what you really want to communicate. I wouldn’t say that they’re a necessity, but they will help limit reshoots. They are especially useful when working with branded productions because they help paint a picture of the work before it’s filmed.
  3. What kind of hardware peripherals can help produce your vine? A tripod is the single most important tool needed to create a professional quality vine. High quality lighting is also highly recommended. Filming with natural light is a great workaround if possible. An olloclip is also a cool hardware accessory for any type of mobile video/photo creation.
  4. What is the ghost function and how do I use it? The ghost function is an amazing feature for stop-motion vining. Basically, it helps aid the user in matching their previous scene before filming a new clip. It does this by casting a faint transparent image of the last recorded frame. This way you can line up your new frame in the viewfinder to ensure a seamless cut to the next shot.
  5. What about audio? You’ll notice that most stop-motion vines don’t contain audio. Because Vine doesn’t allow the user to add separate audio before the production is posted, there’s no way to seamlessly sync the audio without using an ill-advised hack to force an upload of edited video footage. Some of the best viners have tried to master the art of recording audio simultaneously with each individual frame. This is a very tedious process that (when done well) adds a lot to the production. It’s usually avoided though, purely based on the amount of time it takes to produce. There’s actually an all-natural movement on Vine that encourages users to refrain from uploading pre-recorded content. Follow the hashtag #AllNaturalVines to learn more. Hack vines, or “uploads” are usually easy to spot and are one of the fastest ways a user or brand can lose credibility within the Vine community.
  6. What kind of sharing or promotion tips do you have? Once someone creates an awesome vine, how do they get it out to the world? First, make sure you select a channel when publishing your video. There are 16 Vine channels and many users browse these channels on a regular basis. Use Hashtags. Make note of the trending hashtags on the explore page and cater to them if it makes sense. Otherwise, use them like you would on Twitter to help others find your vine or use them to add context to your video. Another quick way to get noticed is to be a part of the community. Create, Follow, Interact, Watch, Revine. The first one is the most important. Many of the users on Vine are simply observers. Be patient and you’ll stand out if you are consistently creating quality content. Lastly, don’t forget to share your video across other social networks.